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As far as hooks go, I use a wacky rig hook: a short-shank, wide-gap hook with round bends. Just stick the hook point through the egg sac, or thickest portion, of the bait. The Fat Dover Crawler is the best worm I can think of for the wacky system because it has. Here's a quick video on how I setup the wacky rig for bass fishing using a finesse worm. I used a Berkley Havoc Bottom Hopper Blue Shiner Gold 4.5" bait, it reminded me of the Zoom Finesse Trick Worms I use regularly, but the color was something that caught my. 1. How To Wacky Rig A Senko Worm. Fishing a Senko bait in a wacky rig setup is my personal go to technique and is how I typically start my day out on the water. Even though the Senko worm will quiver as it travels through the water column regardless of how you rig it, I believe fishing the Senko wacky style will give it the most quiver action. Wacky Worm Hook Size Wacky Worm Setup Wacky Worm Hooks Wacky Tool Gamakatsu Weedless Wacky Hook. Sheila Beach Hooks April 28th, 2019 - 13:22:23. As a matter of fact, I will not go live bait fishing without multiple sets of pre-tied gang hooks.

21/09/2011 · Then pierce the worm through the middle just like a wacky rig. Now insert a lead nail weight or nail into the tail of the worm. As you fish the worm, it will stand on end but as you twitch it, the worm will pull horizontally twitching forward while standing up vertically off the bottom. by Wayne Purdum I had been using a wacky rigged plastic worm for many years and was aware of the effectiveness for catching largemouth bass and other species. With several hook failures when hooking into large bass occurred, a change was in order. The Octopus style of hook has proven to be what I was looking for. The reason I started using that. Rigging the senko style bait wacky style gives the lure a different look and causes it to fall in a pulsating motion that mimics the breathing action of baitfish. Rig the stick worm wacky style by holding the worm with your index finger and thumb to find the lure’s center point of gravity.

Although wacky worms are often fished weightless, there are times when some weights will be needed. If you’re fishing on a windy day or trying to get down in to some deeper water, then you should be adding some weight to your wacky worm. There are different ways to add weight to a wacky worm but these style tungsten weights work well. Brent Ehrler's 5 favorite Senko rigs. Click here to continue. This version of the Senko is the most popular with bass anglers and consists simply of an offset worm hook Texas-rigged into the Senko with no weight. “The weightless wacky rig is killer for skipping.

06/06/2017 · So Im looking for a wacky rod. G. Loomis is my brand of choice. While Im open to other brands, that door is only slightly ajar. First, I cannot imagine being able to consistently cast a wacky rig on a casting rod as it looks like it would be way to light. Yet I should ask if people are able to co.

A wacky rig, which consists simply of a "wacky worm" impaled on a hook through the middle of its body like the Senko shown at right. It is primarily a clear water presentation that is most effective, though not exclusively so, during spawn and post-spawn.

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